Coming from a martial arts background, Daine has always been interested in high intensity exercise which lead him to finding CrossFit in 2011. After a short time, his passion grew and quickly fell in love with everything CrossFit deciding to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition. In his spare evenings, while working as a joiner he completed an internship at his local box in Nottingham while also completing a PT and Nutrition course. This all lead to a 6 year career to date as a Coach and also a box co-owner before deciding to join the awesome CrossFit Hammersmith / Shepherds Bush team in the big smoke. Daine has also competed at the highest levels in CrossFit qualifying for competitions such as British Championships, The European Championships and most recently qualifying as part of a team for the CrossFit Regionals 2018 in Berlin. He is extremely passionate about helping others on their own CrossFit and nutrition journeys and serves to be a wealth of knowledge and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask him anything next time you're on the WOD floor!


CrossFit lvl 1 Trainer
CrossFit lvl 2 Trainer
Lvl 2 Fitness Instructor
Lvl 3 Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 in Exercise Nutrition
Body Type Nutrition Academy Certified Coach
Online Trainer Academy Certified Coach

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