CrossFit is . . .  a cult

People who like CrossFit love CrossFit, and do like to spread the word! However at CrossFit Hammersmith it's all about our community.  We train together, sweat together, sometimes suffer together.  We may also enjoy a beer and some food together, so if that's a cult, we're happy to be in.

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CrossFit is . . . not for girls

Most CrossFit gyms are actually split down the middle between guys and girls, or even with the ladies in the majority.  You get to work out with your friends and get the body you want while doing it.  What's not to love?  Need further convincing, try reading here.

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CrossFit is . . .  for fit people

No. No. No!  CrossFit is one of the best ways of getting you fit, so don't think you need to get fit first. Everything we do can be tailored to you - the movements, the weight and the intensity. 


CrossFit is . . .  dangerous

To us, safety is paramount.  Nobody is pushed beyond their ability, and we're more than happy to reign you in when you get excited and try to do to much.  Before joining we have you in on a 1-2-1 basis with one of our coaches to take you through the basics, and ensure you are ready for joining our classes.  Do people get injured doing CrossFit? Yes, but with good coaching and sensible programming it's less than most other activities, including running and triathlon.

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