Why Personal Training

Some people prefer to build their confidence on a 1-2-1 basis with their trainer, some prefer to focus on speeding up their progressions.  For some it's all about achieving their own individual goal, be it strength or size, weight loss or tone up, or prep for a competition.  Whatever your goal, if you're looking for the individual touch and extra help then speak to one of us and we'll discuss how we can help.

Our approach

We are CrossFit coaches, and our approach with you will come from that foundation.  We will design a programme that is tailored for you, your fitness levels and goals. We will get you lifting weights, we do focus on functional movements and we will get you as fit as we can as quickly and safely as we can.  Also get used to getting sweaty in WODs designed just for you!

Timing available

We are available outside of class times, so 09.30-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 Monday to Friday, after 13.30 on a Saturday and after 12.30 on a Sunday. 


One on one: £66 per session or £600 for 10 sessions

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