As a beginner you will need to do our Fundamental course.

The purpose of our Fundamentals course is to safely teach you the basics of CrossFit, so that when you progress to the main class, you do so with confidence, and the ability to do any of the workouts that may be programmed.  The programme consists of:

  • 12 sessions taught over 4 weeks where we introduce you to all the main movements, the CrossFit terminology, and give you a taste of working out at increasing intensities. 
  • You will receive lots of hands on coaching, and we will only progress on to the next movements once you have mastered the current ones. 
  • You will be in class with a small group of people who are in the same situation you are, and you will all move on to the main class at the same time so there will be familiar faces with you all the way through.

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