Strolling around with little Joe is obviously getting me thinking. Why do most of come to the box and train? Is it to get fit, make friends, lose weight, get bigger, compete, have fun or any combinations of those and more?


To me the key to being successful with any of those is to have fun. If you're not having fun, then you're not going to be successful long term with any of those goals, and that includes competing.


We often hear at the end of a workout "..but I only used this weight, or did that movement" Hopefully the time caps are helping you overcome this, and that as long as you're hitting the desired intensity, the rest doesn't matter. The biggest question at the end of a class should be did I enjoy that? The enjoyment might not necessarily be while doing 20 burpee over box jumps (as an aside, Eddie, what's wrong with plain old burpees?) but from the fact you got through it. You've turned up, seen what's on the whiteboard and you've overcome it. That is worth celebrating. Hopefully you've had a laugh with some guys in the class, or with Leo's taste in music (my taste in pop is naturally impeccable) and had some fun. If you haven't enjoyed, we need to help ensure you do. Everything at the box is better when you do, or life in general for that matter.


In a similar vein weightlifting classes or high skill days are often followed by "..I need to do this, or I have to do that." If you are looking to compete, possibly you do, although again if you're not enjoying the process why bother. If you're not, just ask yourself are you getting better, and again, are you having fun? If so you're already winning. A bodyweight snatch is a wonderful aim, and being able to MU like Zach would make any of us proud, but is it the be all and end all? Should that get in the way of having fun? No chance. Are you getting better (if you're turning up regularly the answer to this is a huge yes), then please just have fun with your training. I'm in no way saying don't take it seriously, or ignore things that you want to get better at, but don't judge your success by chasing perfection. Judge it by how much fun you're having along the way.

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