Time caps

The reason for a time cap is to ensure you are getting the correct stimulus during the workout. A workout isn't the place to improve your technique, or to get stronger. A workout is the place to improve your conditioning. If you fail to finish a workout within the time cap, then you didn't scale correctly. This is either poor coaching (and we'll hold our hands up when we scale badly for you), or ego getting in the way.

When Eddie programmes he is designing the workout for himself. For the rest of us, we need to scale. This very much follows the mantra of any good programme which is programme for the best, and scale for the rest. This isn't an admission that we're not good enough, or fit enough. It's is realising that the most effective way to get fitter is to scale effectively. Eddie's workouts are a scaled version of a regional level athlete. A regional level athletes workout is a scaled version of a Games level athlete. The more effective you are scaling the workouts, the quicker you'll get the results.

I know lots of us chase the RX next to our name. Try and start thinking what your RX is, instead do what someone else is. Moving forward if you don't finish a workout within a time cap, you don't get a score. If you attempt it RX, and don't finish, you don't get a score and it is not RX. This isn't us being mean, it just shows how strongly we feel about how each of you can achieve your potential as quickly as possible by scaling properly.

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