The London Box Battles 3

The end of November saw us enter the final round of the Box Battles at CrossFit SE11 in Vauxhall.  This time it was back to individual workouts but again with scaling options set across 3 categories.  A for the big dogs, B for those of us confident with CrossFit but possibly not at the weights of the big dogs, and C for those of us who have been training for less than 12 months and are getting our confidence up.

This round was undoubtedly our best performance taking 1st place in the both the male and female C category, 1st place in both the male and female B category and 1st place in male A category. BOOM!!!!  

I was tempted to call it a day right there and never enter another comp and simply bask in your glory for the next few years, but apparently you all have other ideas.  We've therefore reserved a team of 6 for Tribal Clash next summer which is going to be epic.  I may even try and get my training back myself so I can try out for a place on the team.   It's a weekend of camping on a beach, some of us competing but more of us cheering people on and basically having a great time.  Sara is also keeping her eye out for any comps she feels are suitable, so I'm expecting plenty more fun to come.

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