The London Box Battles 2

The start of August saw us host round 2 of the Box Battles.  The box we were meant to compete against pulled out on us (in my head due to our dominating experience in round 1, but possibly not) so we treated it as an in-house comp.  Again there were 3 levels of ability for each WOD, and as it was at ours we had plenty of people willing to give it a try.

This time instead of being individual workouts, they were programmed in same sex pairs.  The workouts were cleverly designed so that you had to use some strategy to ensure you played to each partners strengths.  It also involved a max C&J which saw the PBs fly everywhere you looked!

The day was finished in the Black Lion for a social, making the most of the good weather and the beer garden!  Some photos of the day below:

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