The London Box Battles 1

In May we attended our first competition at another gym.  The guys at CrossFit Momentum are into their second year of organising a great little competition against other London based boxes, and we decided to throw our hats into the ring. The competition is run as a an overall leaderboard but is run over 3 rounds.  Each round involves 2 boxes getting together and working our way through 3 WODs before a final team head to head.  

The great thing about this competition is that it is open to all levels of ability and has 3 available categories to compete in.  The As are the big beasties who want to put it on the line against the best in London, Bs who have been training for a year or more and want to see where they are, and Cs for those who have been training for less than a year.  

We were paired with CrossFit Perpetua, which is based in Battersea and a number of our members got to experience their first ever competition.  It was a superb day, very well run, an we all had an absolute blast.  The comp bug definitely bit us!


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