1st Birthday!

We made it to our first birthday more or less in one piece!  It's been an incredible year seeing our membership grow, watching individuals improve beyond recognition and to see the sense of community come more and more to front of everything we do.  The community element of CrossFit has always been hugely important to me.  I've moved around quite a bit for various jobs and the first thing I did in each new place was join the local box, and that was my friendship group sorted.  I love seeing the same prove true at CrossFit Hammersmith, not only seeing you support each other and help each other through some fun/horrendous WODs but becoming friends too.

To celebrate our first Birthday Coach Sara did a superb job not only putting together an inclusive competition for us, but also organising a number of awards to recognise our members, both serious and silly.  The atmosphere in the box for the max press, front squat and deadlift was unbelievable, and the screams of encouragement from everyone there certainly helped to ensure the PB was full by the end of the day.

It was back to the Black Lion to celebrate in the evening, give out the awards and enjoy a well deserved cheat night after the efforts of the day.

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