Three months in

A missing coach. . . . . . So we’re almost 3 months in to this adventure and I’ve managed to be away for the last few weeks.  For those of you who have only just joined, I got married in the New Year and have been swanning about in New Zealand on my honeymoon since.  Pre-wedding I managed to get my in-laws in to the gym for a couple of sessions as you can see by the photo below (photo that I'll add shortly!) and have 2 new converts.  You’ll no doubt see them in a couple of the Feb classes so make sure you say Hi.

I’ve had a blast over there, but looking forward to being back with you all and continuing to get CrossFit Hammersmith bouncing.  I’m sure you’ll have noticed over the last few weeks that no longer does every coach have a Welsh accent, and we’ve even got our first female coach on board.  Nathan, who is one of our founding members has stepped up to take Thursday evenings and Saturdays, Sara coaches our morning classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Yannick does Tuesday and Thursday morning.  They all bring different skills and personalities to the gym, so make sure you make use of them.  Just need to figure out where I fit in now.

New guys . . . . Our membership numbers have grown superbly over the last few weeks, and almost all the new members have quoted word of mouth as how they found us.  A massive thank you from both Neil and I for spreading the word for us, and helping to turn CrossFit Hammersmith into the gym we’ve always wanted.  On that front, we have 12 people finishing the February Foundations, and who will be jumping into the main class from next week, so make sure to say hi and make them feel welcome.

The next few weeks . . . .  The CrossFit Games Open starts on Feb 26.  The aim of the Games is to find the fittest man and women on Earth, or at least the best at CrossFit.  However it’s not all about the big beasties who are at the top of the leaderboard, it’s a fantastic few weeks to find out what it’s like to compete, push yourself a little more and learn where some weaknesses may be.  Each week for 6 weeks CrossFit will release a new workout.  We will be doing these workouts on a Friday night and the more people we can get signed up, the more fun these nights will be.  If you have any questions on any of this, just ask.

Your Feedback . . . .  Thursdays had initially been days where most of the focus has been on Olympic weightlifting, with a short WOD at the end of classes.  We’re going to change this slightly so the 06.30 class and the 18.00 class will be purely dedicated to weightlifting, without any WOD.  The 07.30 class and the 19.00 will be normal CrossFit classes.   We will trial this for the next few weeks to see how it goes, but any feedback or ideas you have just let us know.  The same goes for Open Gym on a Sunday.  Open Gym is a set time when the gym is open and a coach is present but there is no structured or taught class.  It’s a time when you can catch up on a missed day, work on strength, hit up some weaknesses or try and get some times for the named workouts.  As a lot of our members are relatively new to CrossFit, we’re happy to give some suggested workouts or even have a monthly gym challenge that can only be done in Open Gym so you have an idea of what to do if you do come.

To help you give us this feedback, and to help us all keep up to date we’ve set up a members only Facebook Group, imaginatively called CF Hammersmith Members Only!  If you start getting friend requests off Neil and myself over the next few days it’s not just that we are desperate for friends, we need to be connected to you in order for us to add you to the page.  Any questions, suggestions, rants or ramblings welcome on here, so once on it please do make use of it.

Finally you can expect these ramblings from us more regularly from now on, with Neil and I alternating fortnightly with our thoughts, updates and nonsense.  The next one will talk about what else we have coming up such as our clean eating challenge and our new member of the month, but if there is anything you would like to see covered shout out, and if we can, we’ll oblige!


PS – Anyone point at my stomach and tell me I’ve put on a few pounds while I’ve been away is going to get very good at burpees!

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