We are open!

We’ve made it!  The morning of Saturday 8th arrived, people came, had a workout, hopefully had some fun, and more than a few have become our founding members.  THANK YOU!

It was an interesting week leading up to the opening.  Monday our Project Manager discussed timescales and all was well.  Wednesday things were going so well that we were told we’d probably be done by Thursday. This is easy we thought!  Thursday the tiling that was put down on Wednesday was taken back up.  Maybe not so easy after all.  Not to fear though, one changing room was definitely going to be finished. We’re a friendly lot, we can manage that, surely? 23.30 on Friday 7th, I leave a wedding in the midlands to receive a phone call to say things haven’t gone quite to plan.  Wonderful timing!

Thankfully when we turned up on 7am on the Saturday morning the security code for the inside gate had been changed so we couldn’t get in to see the state of the gym anyway.  However the Spanish cleaners who met us there weren’t letting that stopped them and all 3 of them leapt straight over the spiked gate.  These guys have functional fitness in spades! If they could do it, then so could we.  Neil took a little more convincing but Dan flew over and soon we were in.

All hands were on deck and we were making progress.  10 minutes before the first class, we were all set, with the slight exception that the floor was still soaking.  Not to worry, Neil darted out to get some kitchen roll and then there were 6 of us on our hands and knees drying for all we were worth.  If Dimitri had come in 2 minutes earlier he would have been greeted by this:

As soon as we had people through the door we were in our element though.  It was amazing to have 6 such superb people in our first class, and they set the tone for the rest of the day. Everyone who came to train gave it their all, and everyone who came to have a look were probably glad they weren’t training when they found out it was 4 rounds worth!  The photos below are all post WOD and made our day.

A heartfelt thanks for everyone who has helped out, including the team that turned up at 2 to help put the boxes together and get a few of the last mats down.  I’ll leave you with Jan “the buffman” Zikka who has a definite career available putting boxes together if he ever wants a change from the current one as an esteemed oceanographer!

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