Locked out of my own gym!

The countdown is well and truly on now.  The days are flying by and somehow we’re only two weeks away from our launch day (Nov 8th, get it in your diary, and even better, book into one of our workout timeslots and have a session with us).  Our levels of excitement are going through the roof.  I’m not really sure how our friends and family are putting up with us, but thankfully they are.

Since the last blog we have had our logo designed (thank you Sanju) launched our website and our FB page and been overwhelmed by the love we’ve received.  The messages and comments have meant a huge amount to us both, and I’ve, so a genuine heartfelt thank you.  I’ve been told Neil even shed a tear.   I’m not sure if it was the comments that had this effect on him, or the fact that we had our first five people sign up as members! I on the other hand was just having some issues with my contact lenses.

Anyway, back to being manly men and the rest of it.  They gym is getting closer and closer to completion, with the changing rooms and plumbing going in this week.  Electrics are going in next week and the decorating will be completed shortly after, then it’s just the equipment and rig go in! We really are that close, it’s finally becoming a reality.

I’d love to show you a photo of the progress, but I’ve been locked out of my own gym!  I went down today with a camera so I can share it with you to find out our project manager has changed the locks!  Thankfully it’s only because he wanted the unit more secure, and not that he was so envious of how it’s coming on that he wants to keep it to himself. 

It was however the second random conversation I’ve had with the project manager this week. While in my office on Wednesday, we had a surreal chat about how brave we were willing to be with our tiles in the changing room.  If I’m honest I’m still unsure how bravery and tiles go together, but when you’re first in the changing rooms, preparing yourself for the days workout, take a second and let us know what you think when you see them in all their 3D glory!

With that randomness I’ll leave it there!  

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