“You’ll start out thinking you’ll never be able to do what looks impossible, but you’ll be told to persist. You’ll persist, and you’ll be able to do the impossible. And you’ll carry this realisation with you every time you finish your daily training, applying it to life outside the box, until you go back in the next day, looking for more impossibles to conquer.”
— Ben C
Joining CrossFit Hammersmith has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always loved competitive team sport and fitness, but was getting bored by my repetitive gym routine and wasn’t pushing myself to get the results and sense of achievement that I wanted. I took a Foundation Course with Sara and was instantly hooked. Neil, PJ and the Coaching Team are genuinely the best group of people for patience, encouragement, coaching, advice and inspiration. The friendly and supportive community spirit that has been built is fundamental to the performance and commitment every member gives, every session. Whatever experience, fitness level you are, if you are looking for somewhere accessible and fun, to train hard, make progression in your strength or gymnastic goals, or purely to improve your overall fitness, then I couldn’t recommend CrossFit Hammersmith enough. Trust me, you will never get bored and you will wonder what life was like before you started CrossFit.
— Laura H
As someone with a varied sporting background (lazy fat kid, footballing skinny kid, fat uni “gym goer”, OCR runner [who ironically hates running] and cyclist [who hated anything with more than a 10% uphill gradient]), I had gotten bored by the of the same old training regimes, the relatively unsocial nature of the “Globo Gym” workout and hitting a ceiling with the results that I wanted to see (increased stamina, leaner muscle and shedding those wobbly bits). My original intention when starting Crossfit was to train for 3 months to support OCR training…fast forward 6 months and I am completely hooked, throw in a career move and I found myself training at Crossfit Hammersmith and cannot look back.

What makes Crossfit Hammersmith so great is simple; the people. The Coaches are Hammersmith are absolutely top notch and excel at what they do. They are highly personable, spending time with members to fully immerse them in the workouts, the movements, understand individual capabilities and help encourage and progress people so that they reach their goals. On top of the great coaches, you are surrounded by a highly supportive community who will not only give tips and shout encouragement for you to finish a WOD, they’ll also help get you to the pub afterwards for that recovery “water”.

People often joke about Crossfit being a cult, in short, it’s not. It is, however, highly addictive in that it helps you push yourself beyond your boundaries and reach goals that you think are far from sight or unattainable – whatever your starting point and what your end goals are, I cannot recommend PJ, Neil and the rest of the Coaching Team at Crossfit Hammersmith enough as the people to help you achieve them.
— Gary B
To the girls out there....
Don’t feel intimidated! Come on and try it even if you are petrified. No-one cares if you can’t do one thing in the first work out. No one cares if you can’t lift a 5kg dumb bell. No one cares if you can’t run, squat, pull up or push up. No one cares if you don’t know what TTB, EMOM, or Fran is...they really, REALLY don’t. We don’t care if your workout gear is thread bare or from the 80’s (blimey half of them don’t wear much anyway and the 80’s is back in now).
No one cares if your arse or belly is big, small, wobbly or bony.
What everyone one at Hammersmith (Coaches and Members like me) cares about is progress and having fun while doing it. We care what your name is and what you want to get better at. We care about form and technique, we care about injuries and strengthening them. We care about being that bloody proud of yourself for getting through a WOD that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We encourage each other, we question and learn from each other. We take the p**s out of each other.
This isn’t a gym it’s a team event and you will laugh at what you previously thought fitness was.
— Nasha
Hammersmith Crossfit is a fun, active, social, not self-conscious, technically intriguing and highly motivating place compared to your average boring gym.

Two days after moving back from Japan, I turned up in Hammersmith Crossfit and I’ve been here ever since. The short version of why I started crossfit is, I was a chubby girl living in Japan who was encouraged by a friend to start working out with him in a park, with a gazebo, boom box and some heavy rocks (yup actual rocks). A few months later I found a proper crossfit gym in Kyoto, which I preferred as mostly indoors, clearer & concise instructor and barbells are easier to grip than rocks.

At Hammersmith, apart from good highly skilled coaches, the biggest highlight is community and working together in classes. You meet different people and motivate each other like a team. The community also doesn’t have to be limited to one box, it can be a global one, as crossfit has begun to spread from America, across Europe, Asia etc. Please don’t imagine a room of rude narcissists that focus on making muscles. It’s not true. Each person has their own different reason, character, objective and hopefully will be motivated enough to achieve their goals here. Good Luck.
— Katie R
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