There are a range of classes to choose from, and to ensure you get the most out of your training with us.  CrossFit is obviously the primary focus of our gym, but we want you to be able to combine that with other classes to keep you enjoying and progressing..


The perfect class to get fitter, stronger and have some fun.  Classes will be a combination of strength work, skill based exercises and sweaty workouts.


This will be full of heavy lifting and sweat.  Don't let the name put you off, this class is ideal for all levels of strength and ability.  If you're aim is to get stronger and have fun, get signing in.

CrossFit Conditioning 45

Perfect for those short on time or who just want to work on their conditioning.  Get in and warmed up, work out and get out all in 45 minutes. Best suited for those who have at least 2 months of CrossFit training under their belt.


A chance to really focus on your weightlifting technique.  Each hour is dedicated to either the snatch or the clean and jerk.

Competition Class

This is for those who are looking to compete at CrossFit.  A chance to work on the skills needed for most competitions, learn how to tactically take on workouts and practice competition still WODs.

Mobility and Yoga

A chance to work on your mobility while still getting a sweat on.  Mobility is on a Thursday evening and Yoga a Sunday morning. These sessions are free for members.

CrossFit Kids (5 - 11 year olds)

A safe and fun way to get kids in to exercise. Classes have a maximum of 5 children and are instructed by a CrossFit Kids qualified coach.

CrossFit Teens (12 - 15 year olds)

A great way for teens to get passionate about exercise, and start building healthy habits for life. Perfect to compliment other sporting activities. Limited to 8 per class and instructed by a qualified CrossFit Kids coach.